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Plushie Commission - Pattern & Tutorial

Plushie Commission

  1. How to commission you?

    Just go to this page :

    Fill all the form and klik Send Message. I will reply ASAP!

  2. Do you make OC plushie?

    Yesh of course! Just give me the design of your OCs. But please remember, don't overdone it~ Because the prices would be raised based of every single detail you put on your reference picture.

  3. Do you make animal plushie?

    No. I’m an anime nerd or cartoon nerd. So i just make anime, game, or cartoon character plushie. And unfortunately, we've tried to make animal plushes, but nothing good.. So i think we're just stick with anime-human character.

  4. What is SD Plushie?

    Basically same as normal but SD plush got more simple design with no shoes. Automatically the prices would be cheaper. More info please check HERE

  5. Which parts of your plushies which is removable?

    Their outfits & their shoes.

  6. Is that means..when i'm buying a plush from you, i could buy additional shoes & outfits as well?

    YESU! ^^ You may buy two outfits and two shoes or maybe more for them. So you could play with them, dress them up or make them cosplaying each others! That sounds fun eh..?! ;)

  7. But your plushie we can say humanoid type plush. What about real human, actress or actor plush?

    Of course i can. I've finished a couple plushies base on photo. For actrees / actor, i've done Sherlock Holmes plush based on his real photo from the movie.

  8. How long do your commissions would take?

    It’s depend on the complicated of your plushie & the waiting list. The fastest could be 3 days. And the longest could be 2 months.

  9. What types of payments do you accept?

    The one and only, PayPal.

  10. May i ask you about my plushie commission progress going?

    Yes. If you curious why it’s so long, you can ask me. Ussualy i’ll post how the progress going in my Facebook Page. So, when you have your commission on me, just pay attention on my Facebook page. You will get an update everyday. But i will NOT taking any PHOTO proggress. Because sometimes i've put many things that can't be changed anymore.

  11. How could i contact you?

    You can comment or note me on my deviantART page , you can send me e-mail in or send me PM on my Facebook page. But please, don’t send me e-mail just for asking my personal life or asking for chatting. Because i don’t have time for that. If you wanna talk with me about art, just go to my devianART. Or please read the F.A.Q carefully, so you doesn’t need to ask me the same question that i’ve explain you.

  12. I want to buy plushie for specific event. Could you finish it in time?

    The answer is.. YES. But if you want to buy my plushies for a gift, (Example : anniversary, etc..) please tell me, 3-4 MONTHS before the event. Example : The Anniversary is 16th December, you can note me to buy the plushie at 16th September. So it will give me enough time to finish + ship the plushes to you.

  13. How tall your plushie will be?

    My plushies basically available in 3 diffrent kind of height :

    12" (30cm), 16" (40cm) and 22" (56cm)

  14. Can i ask for taller plushie?

    Why not?! As big as your body so she/he would be so huggable?! Why not?! Just mail me~ And we can discuss the price. ^^

  15. Can i ask for smaller plushie?

    Ah.. Unfortunately the answer is NO. Because we're already need ALOT of patience to create outfits, accessories & shoes for 12" / 30cm plushies. So we won't make smaller plush than 12" / 30cm. It's our limit size. We're so sorry, we can't make any smaller size.

  16. Your plushies are so expensive i cant afford it!

    Then why don't you join our Patreon ? :) By becoming one of our Patron, even just $1 / month, everytime we reach our goal, you would be able to join our giveaway for free plush, free keychains, t-shirt, and many more!

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Plushie Commission - Shipping

  1. Do you ship world-wide?

    Of course yesh! But there's some country which is not available on our post office list for shipping. That's why i need your country name on the commission form. To make sure : USA & CANADA is on the list~ :D

  2. How long do your shipping will take?

    I ussualy use EMS (Express Mail Services) Max it’ll be 3 weeks & it’s never happend. Since the first time i start plush making, my commissioner ussualy got their plushies in 2 days, a week or the longest case is 2 weeks. And it just ever happened once.

  3. Have you ever lost your plushie in shipping?

    No. Until now, after 4 years plush making, i never lost any pakage. But whatever happened in the future please remember on Policies tab : "when the plushie has been sent, that’s no longer my responsibility (It means, there's no refund or money return guaranteed)"

  4. May i know my plushie shipping progress?

    Yes. You can ask the tracking number from me. You can also ask me to track the plushie for you if you’re a busy person.

  5. What if, i have recieved the plushie and i don't like it?

    I'm so so so sooo sorry if you think like that. But if you have paid me in font, it means you have trusted me to make your plush. So there will be no refund and money return guarantee. You may mail me with appropriate words and i will put your critique as my lesson. So next time i will not do the same again with another commissioner or with your another order.

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Plushie Commission - Pattern & Tutorial

  1. May i ask about your pattern?

    No sorry. But there's high possibility we will post our pattern on our Patreon page! We wont teach you how to use it tho.

  2. Will you make tutorial how to make plushie?

    No i will not give you specific instruction how. But we will submit speed video when we are working on future plushies on Patreon. Specially for hair, outfit & accessories. :3

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Drawing Commission

  1. Can you print the my drawing commission and send it to me?

    Of course i can! But there's gonna be additional fees for the shipping ofc. You may choose the shipping method.

  2. Can i pay you with deviantART point?

    Nope im sorry. I just accept real money.

  3. Where do i can find your drawing commission price list?

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