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Renji's Diary 5, Part 1

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Renji's Diary 5, Part 1
Kuchiki Taichou confirmed that one of th' arrancar made it through to the real world, and was making for Tokyo. I got sent out ta deal with it, 'cause Taichou knows I sort of know my way around Tokyo now, dealin' with that trouble making berry head, Kurosaki! (And I was really looking forward to kicking his teeth in after some commentary he made last week!) When I got there, I traced the arrancar to this temple, the Sengoku... and when I was there, realized it was the resting place of the 47 Ronin of Ako. I don't mind sayin', I was real touched. That's a group o' guys that all Shinigami should look up to, ya know? Really made me think about what I would do if anything happened to the Taichou... would I have the strength to follow their example?
Posted on July 12, 2011 Slideshow