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Renji's Diary 41, Part 2

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Renji's Diary 41, Part 2
In order ta take a better look around us as we go, Hitsugaya Taichou wants ta take a car around the island instead a just usin' shunpo, which a course would be faster... oh well, when a taichou gets an idea in their head, there's just nothin' you can do about it! Course, since the human police would stop Hitsugaya Taichou in a second fer "underage driving" I gotta drive! And wouldn't ya know it, I fergot my sunglasses that I picked up in America. Dang. Oh well. So now Hitsugaya Taichou and I are headed out west towards Nakakushu...... Nakaguku.... damn, I can never get the name right... well, we're headed out ta some castle on the western coast of Okinawa. ** the name is Nakagusuku Castle**
Posted on July 13, 2011 Slideshow

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