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Doodles - $20 / char

Time estimation : 1 -3 days. Depend on waiting list

Once you commissioned me a drawing, you would be given full permission for :

- Get full res drawing (I'm using 3508 x 2552)

- Repost the drawing anywhere you want as long as i have my watermarks there

- Reprint the drawing anywhere you want. Ex : Mug, t-shirt, keychain, etc

- You can even make profit for yourself by selling them 

For other type of commissions, such a full illustration, posters, etc please contact me directly

More samples could be find on my Instagram, PaigeeWorld, Pixiv or deviantART

Chibis - Start from $50

Fullbody Character Design B/W - Start from $50 / char

Fullbody Character Design - Start from $80 / Char

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