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Policies - Plush Commission

We're strongly recomended to check out our Reference Guide to keep your prices under control.

*** How To Order (PLEASE READ)

1. Send me your reference pictures by note in deviantART, PM on Facebook, or just simply klik Commission button on this website.

2. I will reply your PM/ mail /note which say i agree or dissagree to make your plushie also the specific price. Price has included shipping. So there'll be no additional prices.

3. Next, i will start your plushie after your payment fully cleared.

4. After your payment has been cleared, i’ll put your name on my commissioner/buyer list on website Waiting List page.

5. After i finish your plush, i’ll take a photo and post it in my deviantART page or send it directly to your e-mail.

5. And i’ll send the plush to your home included the tracking number.

*** Shipping & Payment (PLEASE READ)

  • Shipping is depend on the located of your country
  • The price has included the shipping.

  • I just have one methods for shipping :

Express Airmail (Arrives in 2 – 3 weeks)

And don’t worry. My shipping method have a tracking system!

*** Important Rules! (PLEASE READ)

  • When the plushie has been sent, that’s no longer my responsibility. No refund or money return guaranteed!
  •  There's no refund of Waiting list payment! So please think SERIOUSLY before ask to be on the Booking List!
  • There will be NO additional cost after you've paid the full payment. All you need to do is waiting patiently until your plush finished and sent to you.
  •  There’s possibility you have to pick the plushie (pakage) by yourself at the post office. (Depend your country’s rules) So please keep attention to the tracking. I usually also keep tracking already-sent plushies, so i will send you mail notification to pick it.
  • US Dollar changing drastically lately so the prices you have just could be used for 3 days after you ask the prices quote. If you decided to commission the plush a week later or a month later after quoting please re-ask again about the prices.

*** Commission RULES (PLEASE READ)

  •  I just make anime plushie. Not animal or another types!
  • Tell me where you’re coming from. So, i can estimate the price
  • I can make any accessories, but i don’t make weapon, soldier's outfit, cross symbol or everything that have connection with religioness or brutal violences.

*** Payment Method (PLEASE READ)

  • I just accept payment via PAYPAL.
  • Please don’t send the payment BEFORE e-mail me! Fill this form first or NOTE me (via deviantART), and tell me what kind of plushie you want. After you sent me the payment, please notice me! So i can put the "clear" status for you on my personal commission list.
  • Don’t send the payment BEFORE i reply your e-mail or note!

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