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Reference Guide - Tips & Trick!

Hello all!
Here i will now provide the Reference Guide, so you're all can give me the right reference!
And in other side, i can estimate the prices accurately, without any regrets and mistakes! :)

"We create everything that we saw on the picture.."

- Rene Alexa & Team -

Lesson 1 : Basic Ref - Complete References!

Those picture up there just some examples how your reference MUST be.
So, the basic it must be included :
- Show FONT & BACK of the character. If you just show me the font part, i will do the back as i want.
- The character must be wearing the costume you want me to put on your plushie. Or give me another references for the outfit. Like the right example. It's Hatsune Miku but she's wearing Red Riding Hood outfit.

Extra tip : Give me some expression references so i can choose which kind of expression i will put on your plushies. Like Dekomori's reference on the left. But if you dont, i will just put standard expression. Both open eyes and a smiling mouth. OR, give me a specific expression reference like Miku's picture on the right.

Oh btw, is there anybody who wants to commish me for making Miku plush? I realy wanna try to make one for myself but i have no time, except someone commish me lol.. XD

Lesson 2 : Detailed Shoes

Because now we're focusing details for shoes, please give us complete ref of your plush shoes.
Like on the left picture, that's a pair of shoes from Sheena Fujibayashi. It's a standard ref for shoes. From font, back, and side view. It'll help us to create the details on them.
But for 30cm plushies, if there's three buckles on the shoes, we'll just put two. Because it's impossible to put too many buckles on the small size of 30cm plushie's legs.. ^^;

For the right picture, it's Loki (The Avenger) shoes.  Because he's a real human, please give us reference from the real shoes too. Sometimes for anime shoes, you could also give us cosplay shoes for the reference. But please becareful when searching ref from cosplay, because there's alot of them that have diffrences from the anime! And if you give us two diffrent pictures as references, it will confuse us!

If the shoes looks so complicated and you think i'd be confused, please write some simple explanation on your ref. Like on the right picture, there's a small notes about Loki shoes.

Lesson 3 : Advanced Ref - Discover Hidden Items!

If you want more detailes available to be made on your plushies, don't forget to mention the hidden items. For examples, on the left picture there's a reference also for Shiina's back side outfit & black line under Shiina's sleeves. Maybe you can just take screenshot on the anime or search for more references on the net.

Also, like on the right picture. Shinki's wings have pink swirly-kind pattern on her wings.
More detailed references needed if your character have specific pattern on their body or items.
So maybe you can take more references about it to show me. EXCEPT you want me to make the pattern base my own instinct or you don't want me to make it. It will be okay of course! Because it will reduce the prices.

For character with this kind of detailed references, they will just be available on 40cm & 60cm only.

Lesson 4 : Expert Ref - Additional Accessories

Left reference is Rikka Takanashi from Chunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai. I love that anime.. Just saying.. Fufu.. Sooo.. if you want me to make additional accessories on your plushie, like an umbrella or a bag or anything, just gimme the complete reference of it.

But just remember one thing : We DON'T make WEAPONS! Ex : Sword, Gun, or knife. Anything to hurt people! And anything that included religion-ess symbols. Ex : Cross. Please just ask for normal accessories. Like umbrella, bag, necklace, staff, or any neutral accessories.

The right reference is Cocona Bartel, came from Ar Tonelico. It's her necklace. So if your character wear necklace, or bracelet, or anything on their body that you want me to make it for you, don't just give me one picture of reference, please gimme more than one picture!

We will find and buy the accessories that LOOK LIKE the reference picture! But if we couldn't find it, we will MAKE it. And we will do our best to make it. The accuracy estimation is just around 50% -60% So please don't expect it will be 100% perfectly same with the reference picture you gave us.

For character with this kind of accessories, they will just be available on 40cm & 60cm only.

Lesson 5  : Cheat The Prices!

My plushies is too expensive? But you still want it? Well well.. Don't get dissapointed~
Cuz Rene herself will explain you how you still can get my plushie with lower prices! ^^

a. Change your reference picture : Same character, diffrent outfit

Now see the picture of Erza (Fairy Tail) on the left..
That's her Heart Kruz armor. If you see the details on it, it's realy complicated!
Remember our motto : "We make everything that we saw on the picture.."
So.. It means, we won't make things that we didn't see on the picture.
If you send those kind of reference to me, i will give you the high prices for the details that i can see on the pictures..

But now see the picture on the right..  It's still Erza..But it's the kid version of her.. With armored outfit too.. But you see there, the armor on the right picture is not as complicated as the one on the left~ So if you replace your previous reference (the picture on the left) with this picture, you must be get more lower prices! :) You still get your Erza, and you will get her armored outfit, cheaper prices, but of course not the complicated design one.
b. Change your reference picture : Same character, less accessories

Take a look on the left picture, it's N from Pokemon. On the picture there's N with his complete accessories. Included his necklace, box chain on his waist, many bracelets & his hat. Those are custom accessories that hard to be make.. And i'm sure the price would be high if you give me this kind of refs to me.

Now, take a look to the right picture. It's still N from Pokemon.  But he got no accessories on him except his hat & one of his bracelet. Because our motto is : "We make everything that we saw on the picture.." So, of course the price would be cheaper if you give me this ref than if you gave me the previous ref (on the left picture)

But once again, if you're ready with the high prices.. Ready to pay us for our brain and ideas..
You want the super high quality, complicated, customized plush..
Bring it on! We're Rene Alexa & team ready for your challenge! ;3