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SD (Super Deform) Plush

SD plush is our new plush model relased on 2nd October 2013
SD plush designed to be more simpler and less details.
Anyone who commissioned our SD have to be agree that we won't make all the details.
But we're gonna focusing more on the cuteness of the face and eyes.
What is SD? Please check Google or Wikipedia

The diffrences of SD plush with normal plush :
* Bigger eyes
* Less details
* Not removable outfit (Except for some cases if possible)
* Limited allowed accessories (Not everything in the ref picture would be made)
* No shoes
* Cheaper prices
* Same quality materials
We will minimize much of the details without notification. You don’t have any right to complaint if you couldn't find specific details that you desire to be on your plush.
All the simplified design would be given over to US. If you wanted a specific design to be added into the plush, please do not choose SD plush
*But there will be characters that is TOO complicated that we will deny to turn into SD. Please understand.

*** All characters copyrights belong to their respectful owners.
We do not claim any rights to any of them, unless we've got noted.
All plush and fashion items are created for fan purposes only.

Commissioned SD Plushies - Start from $250

See more plushies on my deviantART

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